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Commercial Passenger Vehicle Operators

In accordance with the Mobile Alabama Cruise Terminal tariff, Commercial Passenger vehicles accessing the terminal must pay access fees according to the schedule listed below. The terminal’s parking contractor, Premium Parking, LLC, will serve as the program administrator and collect all fees. 

Transportation Network Companies (TNC) and Taxi companies will be assessed a one-time $50.00 account setup fee per taxi company or TNC and a $50.00 fee per month for the privilege of their taxicabs and network vehicles to drop off and pick up passengers at the terminal. 

Limousines, shuttles, and hotel courtesy shuttles must pay a one-time account setup fee for each vehicle accessing the terminal and a fee for every terminal access for passenger pick-up only. Limousines, shuttles and buses dropping off passengers will not be charged an access fee. Fees will be billed to your account monthly. 

 Commercial passenger vehicle providers may begin the enrollment process by clicking here.

Vehicle Type Account Setup Fee per vehicle Pick-up Access Fee
Limousine (6-10 seats) $50.00 $8.00
Shuttle (7-15 seats) $50.00 $12.00
Courtesy Shuttle (6-15 seats) $50.00 $12.00
Charter Buses*   $60.00

 *Charter Buses shall pay a $60 access fee and comply with State of Alabama insurance and applicable regulations. Buses paying for parking at the terminal for the duration of the cruise are not required to pay an access fee. Bus operators should be prepared to pay with a credit card or cash (exact change only). *Transportation vehicles operating on contract with an entity having entered into a Cruise Terminal and Berthing Agreement with the City and engaged in transporting passengers and employees to and from the terminal will not be assessed terminal access fees. 

Please click the link provided above to set up your account. 

For questions about parking, contact Ben Redman at